Make 35%

The "Make 35%" program was created to develop the OBZORZAL information portal, as well as to create additional user loyalty.

Terms and Conditions

The terms of the program “Make 35%” of any amount of deposit upon loss

  1. The program was developed by the administration of the information portal OBZORZAL.
  2. The program is provided free of charge to all users of the OBZORZAL information portal.
  3. For users of the OBZORZAL information portal who have made or have previously played in any gambling slot described by the OBZORZAL information platform for money, 35% of the 100% affiliate income of the OBZORZAL information portal received from the gambling slot is paid.
  4. Make 35% Terms and Conditions program apply only and only to Make 35% program participants.

Terms of participation in the program "Make 35%".

  1. Pass into a game slot using the link from the OBZORZAL information portal.
  2. Play gambling slots for money.
  3. Within 5 days after the loss, send a message to the support service OBZORZAL, indicating the name of the “Make 35%” program, the name of the gambling slot you played, your email address, and the your's gambling ID.

User definitions

  1. Payouts to a player occur during a 30 calendar days after contacting the support service OBZORZAL.
  2. Recalculation of % of payouts occurs every 90 calendar days.
  3. Reconsideration in the payout amount depends on the user's gambling statistics. Maximum payout amount is 55%.

In case any questions about the "Make 35%" program, please create a support request OBZORAL.